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The Lone Ranger Television Episodes (KS100)

All 221 episodes including the episodes with John Hart on DVD for collectors and
The Lone Ranger Fan Club Members

A must have for every Lone Ranger and Silver entusist and Fan

Video Quality Excellent A+ (New upgraded production for clearity ) Region 1 (USA and Canada) DVD players.

These are NOT the DVD's that have been recorded from Canadian Television that has all the poor quality.

Comes complete with an episode guide explaining the name of the episode, the date it aired on TV and an overview of the episode.

All of the Clayton Moore episodes and Includes the episodes with John Hart as The Lone Ranger including the last 2 years when the episodes were in color. The commercials have been edited out.

Gather the kids and have a Lone Ranger night or gather your friends to have fun remembering your days growing up.

Bonus DVD includes -

( This set includes both Lone Ranger movies.
The Lone Ranger 1956 and The Lone Ranger
& The lost city of gold 1958. It also has 12
Extremely rare episodes from the 1966
Cartoon. ) 23 DVD set

Everything on DVD in one complete set - not available anywhere else.

TLRFC Member / Non-member

The Legend of The Lone Ranger - DVD Collectors Edition (KS101)

This DVD contains the first episode which portray the ambush of the Texas Rangers and the birth of The Lone Ranger. Starring Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels. They portrayed one of the most popular westerns in history.

A great gift for anyone (child or adult) wanting to learn the initial history of The Lone Ranger, Tonto and the great horse Silver.

As an added bonus, this DVD also includes one additional in-color episode from the television episodes, “A Message From Abe”, originally broadcast February 7, 1957.

(Western - 1949 - 69 min. - B&W)
Region 1 - USA & Canada
New in cellophane wrap

Member / Non-member

THE LONE RANGER - 1st motion picture (KS102)

The 1956 (first movie) DVD big Screen Technicolor theatrical film in Warner-color. Preview it here.

It is up to the Masked Rider of the Plains and his faithful Indian companion Tonto to foil an Indian war before blood is shed across the plains.

This is ideal family entertainment with plenty of western action.

Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels

Western - 1956 Color - 86 minutes
Region 1 - USA & Canada
New in cellophane wrap

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The Lone Ranger and The Lost City of Gold - 2nd motion picture (KS103)

This is the 1958 DVD sequel to the successful first Lone Ranger movie. The Masked Rider, with his faithful companion Tonto find out about a villain who is killing those who own the gold medallions.

So far three of the owners of these medallions have been killed and it is up to The Lone Ranger and Tonto to protect the two remaining ranchers.

Suspense Family Entertainment

Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels

Western - 83 minutes - 1958 Eastman-color
Region 1 - USA & Canada
New in cellophane wrap

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The Devil Horse (KS104)

12 Chapters - A new state-of-the-art digital transfer
2-DVD Collector’s Edition

Hero: Bob Norton (Harry Carey)
His Pal: The "wild boy" (Frankie Darro)
Villain: Canfield (Noah Beery)
MacGuffin: A wild stallion called "the devil horse" (Apache)

Supporting Cast: Barrie O'Daniels, Edward Piel, Jack Mower, Al Bridge, Jack Byron, Paul Jones, Carli Russell, Lori Kelley
Directed by: Otto Brower, Richard Talmadge

Plot: A murdered forest ranger's brother and a mute "wild boy," who grew up in the woods, defend themselves against crooked Canfield and his men, who will stop at nothing to capture a magnificent wild stallion -- "the devil horse" -- that is friend to the wild boy.

Black and White

Available for shipping in the USA only

The Devil Horse KS104

Restored Collectors Edition The Lone Ranger Rides Again (KS105)

This is the 1939 restored collector's edition in black and white of the original 15 thrilling episodes.

Here you will see The Lone Ranger in a full face mask starring Robert Livingston, Chief Thunder Cloud, Duncan Renaldo, Rex Lease and Glenn Strange.

Suspense Family Entertainment for all ages

Digitally mastered and fully restored - 2 in strock

English version - Available for shipping in the USA only

1939 DVD Lone Ranger

The Original Serial complete and Unsubtitled The Lone Ranger (KS106)

This is the 1939 restored collector's edition in black and white of the original 15 thrilling episodes.

Here you will see The Lone Ranger in a full face mask starring Lee Powell and Chief Thunder Cloud.

Suspense Family Entertainment for all ages

Digitally mastered and fully restored - 2 in stock

English version

1939 DVD Lone Ranger

The Legend of the Lone Ranger (KS107)

This is the 1981 feature movie on DVD with Klinton Spilsbury as TLR and Michael Horse as Tonto.

Suspense Rated PG

Full Screen

Western - 98 minutes - color
Region 1 - USA & Canada
New in cellophane wrap

TLR - Klinton Spilsbury DVD

Hopalong Cassidy (KS108)

Ultimate Collector's Edition - 66 classic episodes
A box set on 10 DVD's

America's beloved Western hero, Hopalong Cassidy—along with his trusty stallion, Topper—rode into the hearts of millions in the 1940s as the good guy of the West.

William Boyd stars as the cowboy in black from the hugely popular show that transformed living rooms into the wild frontier. Follow Hopalong and his gang as they wrangle up outlaws in this must-have collection that includes all 66 original, classic Westerns!

3 Classic Radio Shows - Gunhawk Convention 1951 - Gunfighter in Short Pants 1951 - Songbird of Santa Fe 1951

Only 2 complete sets in stock -- Shipping only available in the USA

KS108 Hopalong Cassidy

I Was That Masked Man (KS200)

Who was that masked man? Now for the first time, that question is answered.

This book is about the life of Clayton Moore, the actor who portrayed The Lone Ranger for years on the television and in two featured films.

Moore writes candidly about his life behind the mask, inviting his fans behind the scenes as he recalls the thrilling days of his personal yesteryear.

From his arrival in Hollywood as an aspiring actor in 1937 to his induction into the "Walk of Fame" fifty years later.

He represented to millions the ideals of honesty, justice and equality.

The hard cover is extremely rare. Also in paper back.
Editiion 1996. Both are no longer in print.(3 soft cover in stock -

hard cover sold out - do not order hard cover)

Available for shipping in the USA only

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Santa Fe (KS201)

A Fran Striker Novel 1955

The Lone Ranger, Trouble on The Santa Fe

This is a used book and in good condition. No page tares or markings. The dust cover does have some slight shelf wear. The book is in excellent shape. 181 pages hard cover.

A great addition to your Lone Ranger library. ( only 1 in stock - first order gets it)

Stnta Fe Trail

Reference & Value Guide (KS202)

Collector'a Reference & Value Guide
of Lone Ranger Memoribilla
by Lee Felbinger

A complete reference and value guide for your memoribilla or items you want to buy. Pictures of each item and the estimated vlaue.

Also included is infromation "Yesterday's Heroes", "Radio Days","Television Days", and "Serial Movies".

Pictures of Brace Beemer and posters promoting his apearances.

You can spent hours reaing and enjoying all of the infromation in the 224 pages.

Each memoribilla item gives you the year it was available and the estimated value. You will probably see a lot of items you never knew exsisted.

Condition: New

Reference & Value Guide

The Lone Ranger -The Classic TV Series by Clare Sieffert (KS203)

The Classic TV Series
by Clare Sieffert "The Lady Ranger"

The forward page is written by Dawn Moore, Clayton Moore's daughter.

So you think you know who The Lone Ranger is?? Not really until you have read this book.

This book explains all of the aspects of stories behind the radio and television version.

It also explains why the origin of The Lone Ranger may not be important.

Any Lone Ranger fan or enthusist that does not have this book in his / her library is missing vital knowledge of the history of The Lone Ranger.

Informatin and indepth questions about many of the TV episodes.

Read scripts taken from the Televisiion Episode.

(New - Paper back 348 pages)

Lone Ranger - Paper back

Lone Ranger & Tonto (KS204)

The Lone Ranger and Tonto by Fran Striker

Adventures of The Lone Ranger and Tonto. 19 chapters, 214 pages.

This hard covere book has been previously used. The dust cover show wear. But the book is in excellent shape. No bent or torn pages and no marking on any of the pages.

Copyright 1940 which would make this a good investment to have in any Lone Ranger book library or an excellent gift for any Lone Ranger fan.

Lone Ranger and Tonto

Who Was That Masked Man by David Rothel (KS206)

The Story of the Lone Ranger chronicles the creation and development of the Lone Ranger during the depression years of the early 1930s on radio and in novels, comic strips and two movie serials.

It examines the promotion of the character through radio premiums and merchandising from the 1930s.

More than 150 photographs, many of them rare behind the scenes from the early radio days, stimulate visual memories.

The book includes reminiscences by members of the radio “stock company,” both actors and others; actors and directors from the television show, as well as the feature films.

Get the facts, the real story - it is all here.

(New) Only available in Paper Back
Who Was That Masked Man