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What ever you can donate is helpful to support us in keeping this great American hero's spirit alive for future geneerations - The Lone Ranger and Silver.

Your donation helps us promote The Lone Ranger image to every child which is non-violence, no drugs, no intoxicating beverages, no smoking, no profanity and to take responsibility for their actions.

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$5.00 A Lone Ranger peel and stick Deputy Badge
$15.00 A Lone Ranger toy mask plus the above Deputy Badge
$30.00 The Legend of the Lone Ranger DVD plus all of the above
$50.00 The Lone Ranger 1956 Color movie DVD plus all of the above
$75.00 The Lone Ranger & The Lost City of Gold 1958 color movie DVD plus all of the above
$100.00 THE LONE RANGER SILVER BULLET with black velour pouch plus all of the above
$200.00 The 25 DVD set of The Lone Ranger 221 Television episodes plus all of the above

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